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the midst of nature

We at Dreamscape envision a world where living spaces are built in flourishing, vibrant, fully integrated communities that are united in the idea of sustainability. All of our developments and partnerships foster a shared understanding of economics, the pursuit of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and, most importantly, the cohesion of communities.



Dreamscape believes that taking care of the natural environment is vital to ensure a sustainable future for our planet. So, the green initiatives of the company include eco-friendly design to energy-efficient homes. Additionally, the designs are developed precisely to complement nature’s beauty in the surrounding landscape.



to a world of natural comfort
To create a society, that is environmentally sensitive, economically sensible and socially secure.


Modern, secure homes which are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, made using locally-available, environment-friendly building materials to the largest extent possible, and with sensible architecture


The care is given to include wide-open spaces, incorporating existing trees, and planting new saplings. Initiating numerous green features such as rain harvesting pits, water treatment plants, and recycling of treated water help to lessen the impact on the environment while increasing the quality of life


Journey to your ideal destination, After a hectic schedule, everyone needs to take some time off and some time for relaxation and leisure. Dreamscape Resort is a place where you can enjoy time with your friends or your family members on a holiday getaway, business outings, private parties, and Ghazal-themed evenings.

Everything you need for a beautiful life


Natural Oxygenation


Kitchen Gardens


Eco Habitats


Proximity to Property

Celebrate Togetherness

Membership to Luxury


Rejuvenate your energies


Encourage Well being

Great Team

Excellent service from beginning to finish. The teams were great at every stage and with professional savvy in the industry. They’re flexible throughout the process and hear to your requirements and are with brilliant results. I would largely recommend their service to anyone who wants a hassle-free property deal.

Pramod Kumar

Provisional Store Owner

Ecofriendly concept

We came to know about Dreamscape one of their Team Members, they have explained their ecofriendly homes concept, which is really amazing we felt, we have visited the Bhuvan project twice along with family, they liked it very much. We have booked the property on our second visit itself. It was a great experience.

Thimirishetty Vinodkumar Gupta

Provisional Store Owner

sustainable living

I have visited the site looking at their concept of Dreamscape, which is very unique in nature.
I really admired their thought process of bringing homes close to nature. The Management and team of Dreamscape are very supportive. Lastly, I have taken wise decisions associated with Dreamscape.

Mr. Sangameshwar

Chairman of Sloka International School

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