Life at


Dreamscape Homes Inspired by the Nature

You can retreat from the busy, daily life and just relax in the middle of nature. A nature house is a place where you come together with friends to celebrate life and where you let the children get acquainted with the beautiful, Indian nature.

Cherish the Fresh Morning

walks while mother nature plays its tunes and the native birds sing melodiously. Nurture life in our kitchen gardens that provide a mini farming experience, a joyful family activity.

Rejuvenate Your Energies

in our eco-commune clubs that include meditation and yoga halls, fitness centres and an organic restaurant with exquisite choice to satisfy your taste buds.

Appreciate the well being

of not just you and your loved ones, but, the wellness of mother nature, the very source of immense joy and happiness!


IGBC Certified

Dreamscape projects have received precertification in accordance with IGBC Green Homes Rating. Documentation has been provided for the project that shows the intent to construct and design a high-performance residential building that is in line with UBC Free Homes criteria.